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Farming for the Future 

The Farming for the Future (FFF) project was created in response to the need for food security and nutrition amongst crèches in lower-income communities. The project provides crèches with vegetable gardens, high-grade growing medium, seeds, upcycled cardboard growing trays as well as knowledge and monitoring throughout the growing process. This gives the crèches the ability to grow fresh produce for their own food-security whilst earning an income by selling herb seedlings to neighbouring communities.


The FFF project has partnered with Topl, a blockchain impact validation and verification solutions provider. This partnership allows for transparency of FFFs pricing strategy as well as the verification and recording of positive social and environmental impacts. 

The project not only contributes to ECD programs, but it also educates children about the value of small-scale farming techniques. In addition, FFF provides each crèche with a sustainable income to help feed the children every day. The AD-Tech team assists crèches in the context-specific construction of greenhouse structures, the supply of growing medium, seeds, upcycled cardboard trays, as well as ongoing monitoring throughout the growing process, and the facilitation of market access and product sales.

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