Environmental Product Declaration

With the aid of Bionova's One Click Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) software, we are able to calculate the full environmental impact of various construction materials. This is performed using the One Click LCA Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) tool. The EPD tool provides a transparent, verified, and standardized approach to quantifying the life cycle impact of construction materials. The large uptake of EPD auditing across the construction material manufacturing industry is necessary in order to conduct accurate embedded carbon LCAs of construction projects. 


The environmental auditing of construction materials using EPDs and the calculation of life cycle embedded carbon of construction projects is an effective strategy for carbon emission reduction in the construction industry. Once the construction industry is made aware of their carbon footprint, informed decisions at an executive level can be made to reduce carbon emission through the selection of more sustainable products. Furthermore, the LCA software will allow government to enforce accountability and accurately monitoring the construction industries carbon emissions. EPDs will transparently communicate the environmental profiles of construction products to customers in a verified, standardized form thus helping clients make more sustainable product choices. 

Download AD-Tech's full EPD Brochure here

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