About Us

African Data Technologies is a multi-disciplinary team that develops and implements models for social and environmental impact by leveraging technology, data, and circular economy principles.


In order to create impact at scale, we frame our solutions in terms of the social and environmental problems we seek to address and use technology to rapidly collect data to measure our progress.


 We work in line with the Lean Impact methodology that challenges us to:


Think Big. Start Small. Relentlessly Seek Impact


Think Big.

Setting bold goals for social impact is key to breaking out of a mindset of scarcity towards one of transformation. Living in the most unequal society on earth, beset with pressing social issues, places a duty on us to actively seek to make a significant impact on the problems we address.


Start Small.

In order to create a greater impact over time, we believe in starting small in order to learn and adapt. When we undertake projects our aim must be to reach our audacious social impact goals as quickly as possible. As the impact space is dynamic and challenging we test the underlying assumptions of our business models as quickly and cost-effectively as possible through Minimum Viable Products. This decreases the risk of wasting resources and time on solutions that will not be able to reach the scale of the issue we are trying to address. We view failures as opportunities to learn and strengthen our business models but believe that what fails must fail fast and small, otherwise we run the risk of perfecting a solution that does not create the scale of impact we are seeking over time.

Relentlessly Seek Impact.

We base our decisions on the ultimate impact goal we are trying to achieve. We view our responsibility as not only creating impact but asking whether we are doing this in the most efficient and sustainable way possible. This means that we must fall in love with the problem we are seeking to address, and not our proposed solution.

Our Team

Dr Patrick Okonkwo

Managing Director

BEng, MEng, PhD Civil Engineering

Riaan Truter

Systems Engineer 

BEng Mechatronic Engineering

Wihan Bekker

Carbon Engineer

BEng Civil Engineering

Roche de Villiers

Ecological Landscape Architect

BSc Conservation Ecology,

Master of Landscape Architecture

JP du Plessis 

Director of Social and Business Development 



Nicolaas van der Westhuizen

Sustainable Agricultural Consultant

BA Environmental Management

Our Partners 

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